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One of the most common pain points that I run across when dealing with strategy for organizations of any size is a lack of education amongst web analytics users. A lack of education in an organization can cause a great deal of pain and frustration, and can pose significant challenges to growing the analytics program and making data-driven decisions. When I interview stakeholders, I am frequently presented with the following education-related issues:

1. Limited access. Only a few users in the organization actually know anything about web analytics, and as a result, few people have access to their web analytics tool.

2. Limited expertise. Most users do not know enough about the tool or the data that they are working with to perform in-depth analysis.

3. Limited resources. Users with a high-level of knowledge about web analytics are constantly pulled in different directions to field requests for analysis and training.

4. Limited retention. Users who were previously educated often don’t retain enough information to be self-sufficient.

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