Digital Measurement Tenure Review

The IQ Workforce research team has come up with some interesting (useful?) information about retention in the digital measurement community.

We looked at the LinkedIn profiles of 1,470 digital measurement professionals in the U.S. and noted the last time they changed companies.  Here is what we found:

Tenure With Current Employer Percentage of Digital Measurement Professionals
<3 Months 8%
3-6 Months 12%
6-12 Months 31%
12-18 Months 15%
18-36 Months 18%
36+ Months 16%

… so roughly 51% of the entire digital measurement community has changed jobs within the past year.

This is not good news for the industry.  It probably takes the average person 6-9 months to learn their job and 12-15 months to become really valuable to their company.   If you add another 2-3 months to fill the position it is not hard to see why a lot of companies are struggling with web analytics.  This is a very expensive problem.

Retention initiatives need to move to the front burner if companies are going to get a return on their human capital investments.

Some details about the numbers:

  • Tenure numbers are based on LinkedIn profiles.  A small percentage of people have changed jobs but have not updated their LinkedIn profiles, so this will impact the accuracy of the data.
  • People that are on the cusp were rounded up
  • 1,470 profiles were reviewed
  • Profiles were all full-time digital measurement professionals in the United States
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2 Responses to Digital Measurement Tenure Review

  1. Aaron Fossum says:

    Very interesting insight. I am curious how many of these professionals were in contingent staffing roles with 6-12 month contracts. I know that large companies are hiring a lot of contingent staff, and maybe our community is small enough for this to skew the data some? It would be interesting to see this broken out by contract versus FTE.

    This is indeed a big problem for the industry. Every time somebody switches a job, not only do they have to learn a new job/company, but often it sets their growth as a web analytics professional back as well.

    All the more reason why “it’s all about the community” and networking is so important. Even if your job changes, hopefully you have friends and mentors that will help you continue to grow.

  2. Steve says:

    These are very interesting numbers. However, there are probably many other reasons for changing companies.
    Some of these include, but limited to, lack of understanding analytics by HiPPOS, nature of the economy, the infancy of the web analytics industry and its workforce.

    I would be interested knowing why those individuals left their company.

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