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As part of the Silly Series, several previously well-respected members of the web analytics community have consented to answer several foolish questions.

Today, it’s the turn of Michael Notté

Bonjour M. Notté.  Et vous êtes…?

I am Belgian, French-speaking and leave near Brussels, the capital of Europe.  I am working in Web Analytics for more than 6 years – as Web Analytics specialist at the European HQ of a big car manufacturer. I discovered the world of Web Analytics when I joined this company. It turned into a real passion for me, a passion that I try to share with others through my blog: Kaizen-analytics.

When I am not doing Web Analytics, I am a happy married man, father of 3 lovely kids.

If you were to write a book on Web Analytics, what would be its title and to whom would you dedicate it?

I think I would call it “A journey into Web Analytics – a practitioner perspective” or something like that – like the series I wrote last year on my blog.  There are plenty of great books on web analytics but all are from consultants, experts or gurus, not from practitioners. Maybe that’s because we (practitioners) do the hard work and don’t have time for writing books ;-)

I would dedicate it to my wife – for all the time she patiently listens to me talking about my work and passion, for supporting the geek that I am. Oh, and I would also dedicate it to Aurélie Pols and René Deschamps – they showed me the “way” when I started in this field.

Do you think there’s any difference in the application of web analytics in the automotive industry versus other industries?

Not really – Web Analytics serves the same ultimate goals as for other industries i.e. 1) Improve customer satisfaction, 2) Increase revenues and 3) Decrease costs.

Web analytics is crucial for the automotive industry as the role of online has become very important in the purchase process – from creating awareness to influencing consideration. While the actual sale is still happening in the real world (but for how long?), automotive websites are more and more becoming a “virtual salesman”.

When you consider the fierce competition and the amount of money spent by car manufacturers, understanding the customer expectations and optimizing the performances of online activities is critical.

Who is your superhero-sans-cape in the web analytics community and why?

I would name two without hesitation. First one is certainly not that original but well, I am huge fan of Avinash Kaushik. His blog and books are a continuous source of inspiration for me. I had the chance to meet him at my first eMetrics summit in London, back in 2007. Not only is he a true expert in our field but he’s a fantastic person.

My other hero-sans-cape would be Stéphane Hamel – he’s doing a lot for our community, for education in general and he has brought great contributions that helped me in my practitioner job – such as the WASP tool or his Online Analytics Maturity Model. The latest one is a great management tool. Can’t wait to see how he will continue to develop it.

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