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It’s time to turn the spotlight on Michael Helbling

Michael, how would your greatest fan (you) describe you?

An internationally acclaimed speaker and blogger, Michael Helbling has become the toast of the web analytics industry with his rakish charm and rapier wit.   A friend to veteran and rookie alike, he is persuasive in business and beloved by executives. He is the only web analyst who can actually create lift to the bottom line by delivering insights, no action required.  He is a master of all the digital marketing and optimization skills, and yet exceedingly humble.
Eric Peterson used to talk about the hybrid, Michael is the Trybrid, whatever that means.

You’ve described yourself as a comedian.  Say something funny.

Wait. I just did in the previous paragraph. Seriously though, even though it is my dream to one day be the first web analytics stand-up comic. Currently, I am only funny when I can sneak up on people by pretending to talk about something serious like usability or conversion optimization.

You’re a mentor in the Analysis Exchange.  Is that because you think you have nothing new to learn?

That is correct. We Analysis Exchange mentors pretend that we could learn more, but it is more of an act to make people that are newer to the industry not collapse in complete despair. That being said, I would be happy to learn something new if I could find someone in the web analytics field more talented than me, but let’s just face it Web Analytics is easy.

Jason Thompson recently wore a rather fetching tutu when he reached a target in his fundraising campaign for Charity:Water.  What’s the oddest thing you’ve ever done for charity?

I once spent five weeks in England doing construction work at a mission headquarters outside London. Working alongside volunteers from all over the world was an amazing experience, although a construction crew without a common language represents some interesting challenges. Who else can say they have hauled drywall up through a trap door into a castle’s keep? I also learned that in the 18th century they used sea shells to insulate sub floors. At no time did I actually wear a tutu however.

Who is your superhero-sans-cape in the web analytics community and why?

Without doubt it is Chris Grant (@cgrantski on Twitter). Her friendship and mentoring over the years have been invaluable to me on my web analytics journey. She has offered sage counsel not just in how to think and approach web analytics but has been a trusted advisor with excellent perspective on making career decisions. You know you have a true friend when they can and do call you out when you have a crappy attitude or are getting a little conceited. I am deeply in her debt.

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  1. Cindy Wang says:

    Crepuscular Light Rays : One of the 25 things I didn’t know had an official name.

    When the first “Web Analytics Fridays – All the Laugh Conversino You can Handle” gets sold out, I will be front and center wearing a purple tutu! Ha!

    Rock On.

    All the Best.

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