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“Out flew the web and floated wide.   The mirror crack’d from side to side.  ”The curse is come upon me,” cried  The Lady of Shalott. ”
Methinks  fair lady was weaving a Silly Series…

Today, we turn our attentions to Wesley Hall, a man who is of no help at all with a chest of drawers.
Thanks to Rudi Shumpert for adding some questions to the mix!

Who is Wes Hall, and why are you oft referred to as “Big Wes”?

I have been asked to describe myself for various professional and legal reasons over the years, and I am always a little stumped in trying to portray who I am.  I am a husband (been married for almost nineteen years) and a proud Poppa Bear.  I am currently a Senior Web Business Analyst for Home Depot.  Prior to that, I worked for Computer Sciences Corporation as a Senior Web Analyst for the US Army.  I have worked in Developer and Analyst roles on sites for Lane Bryant, Service Master and Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum.  When I am not at HD or working on my honey-do list, I am working on publishing a journal of my family’s genealogy.

My Big Wes moniker started as a way to differentiate me from my namesake son.  Nowadays, Big Wes refers more to my imposing frame than my daddy status.  I do not consider myself intimidating, but I have been told by several of my daughter’s would be boyfriends that I can be quite scary.

You work for The Home Depot.  Should I panic if I have 3 extra screws and a squiggly plastic thing left over after putting together a chest of drawers?

Yank each of your drawers open really hard and if any of them fall apart, then yes, you needed those screws.  That plastic thingy is what we professionals refer to as a do-dad.  It is used to hold Post-It Notes to remind yourself not to forget the screws when you start over!

What do you think is a bigger pain-point in the world of web analytics – the increasing number of channels to attribute or the view that analytics should be easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy?

Both scenarios should be handled by managing expectations, but the bigger pain has to be channel attribution gone wild.  I can use a few choice techie words to combat the lemon squeezy perception; but keeping stakeholders from trying to boil the ocean requires a bit more finesse.

Who is your superhero-sans-cape in the web analytics community and why?

Answering this question is like thanking people at the Academy Awards.  If I leave someone out, I could get in deep doodie. Nevertheless, I will commit – but we have a tie:
Eric Peterson because of the RACR [Reach, Acquire, Convert, Retain – it’s that or Raytheon Advanced Combat Radar – ed] model that I live my analytical life by and because he was very influential in my Web Analytics career progression.
Rudi Shumpert because I have seen this dude in action and he is a real billy bad ass.  In the Analytics world, Rudi is a real mover and shaker – plus he has the best nerd shirt collection any geek could ask for.

[Since publication, Big Wes has developed a serious man-crush on Casey Cheshire and would like to include him in the list of Super Heroes – ed]

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