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Volunteering is making a resurgence. Not sure if you saw the exciting LinkedIn news from yesterday, but LinkedIn now lets people add their volunteer experience to their profiles since volunteer experience can give people a way to expand their skills or use their skills to help nonprofits.

We, at the Analysis Exchange, have known this for a while.  We now have over 1,200 volunteers doing projects for the Analysis Exchange!    According to the recent Fast Company article, LinkedIn “encourages users to tout their selfless deeds to land better jobs. And a survey of users of the social media service suggests employers prefer do-gooders.”

Since the launch of the Analysis Exchange in 2010, we have helped hundreds of nonprofits get basic web analytics up and running and have trained several hundred of the next generation web analysts.   If you have volunteered with the Analysis Exchange, it is a great volunteer experience to add to your profile.

In 2011, we had our first student get a full-time job working in web analytics after volunteering his time with the Analysis Exchange to help him gain hands on experience. To read more about this success story, see Eric Petersen’s blog post here:

In Eric’s post, he interviews the Vice President of Human Resources who made the recent hire, Cynthia Nelson Holmsky who says:

“As a major e-commerce website we were recruiting for an E-Commerce Analyst and found an alumni of Analysis Exchange.  While the candidate had many years of business and software analytics, his only web experience was through Analysis Exchange.  However that Exchange experience provided just enough applied web analytics to win him the interview.  During this recruitment I met other candidates with strong business analysis backgrounds who lacked any web experience, and I referred all of them to Analysis Exchange as a great place to learn web analytics and expand their career potential.”

Are you interested in making a career change into Web Analytics?  Do you have a favorite nonprofit that you would love to volunteer your time to help?  

The Analysis Exchange is Web Analytics Demystified’s unique philanthropic effort to provide much needed web analytics advice and consulting to nonprofits and non-governmental organizations around the world without any money changing hands.  I also hope those of you reading this post will consider joining the Analysis Exchange. Signing up takes less than a minute and there are plenty of projects looking for mentors and students available right now.

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