Analysis Exchange Graduates Available for Freelance / Contract Work

Are you looking for some extra bandwidth for your analytics team but you don’t have a big budget?

Are you familiar with The Analysis Exchange?

The Analysis Exchange is a non-profit talent incubator run by Web Analytics Demystified. They team newbie web analysts with seasoned practitioners on web analytics projects for non-profit institutions around the world. Over the past two years they have placed more than 300 such duos on projects for over 1,800 non-profits.

Below please find the profiles of three recent students that have achieved a score of 9.5 (out of 10) or higher on their recent Analysis Exchange project. They all have solid foundations in web analytics, hands-on experience and they are hungry to gain experience.

We have found that a lot of analytics departments are bogged down in time consuming, labor-intensive tasks like generating reports or doing low-level data analysis. The folks listed below would kill to get a chance to do that work. They will do it very inexpensively and they will free up your team to do more high-value work.

Think of them as your analytics bench… some extra horsepower that you can scale up and down as needed.

These are three of the dozens of students that we are working with:


– Recently completed her MBA in Marketing
– Currently pursuing the UBC Certificate in Web Analytics
– Completed two Analysis Exchange projects with excellent ratings
– Completed a digital analytics freelance assignment with one of our clients with excellent feedback
– Extensive experience in market research, SPSS, Google Analytics, Excel and Powerpoint


– BA in Economics, Magna Cum Laude
– Data analyst in financial services for 3-years
– Product manager for B2B website for 2-years
– Analysis Exchange project doing web analytics implementation & analysis
– Expertise in Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, HTML, SQL, Excel & Powerpoint. Experience with Access and Cognos.


– BA in Political Science, SPCS in Digital Marketing from NYU, Market Motive master certified in web analytics
– 4-years as a Marketing Manager, 5-years as Intranet Manager
– Strong technical skills: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PL/SQL
– Strong web analytics experience with Google Analytics
– Two Analysis Exchange projects completed with excellent reviews

Once again, these are just three of the dozens of highly qualified junior digital analysts that we are representing. Please let us know if you are looking for some extra analytics manpower on your team.

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