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5 Keys to Writing a Good Job Description

I read a job description from a new client recently and was pleasantly surprised.  It was good.  It was well-written, thoughtful and I understood who they were, what they were looking for, what the experience of working there would be … Continue reading

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Analytics Club – Talking Optimization Post #3 by Gary Angel

I hate being only mostly right! Before we dive down into what we mean by analytics driving testing and how that might/should work, I wanted to talk a little bit more about pure-creative testing. I saw a presentation recently by … Continue reading

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Analytics Club: Talking Optimization Post #5 by Gary Angel

Whew. This keeping up with the Joneses (or Wortham’s and Hazen’s) is hard! I know I keep promising that we’ll move on to discussing how analytics should drive testing and get past the ways it doesn’t (and I’m hoping this … Continue reading

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Justin Cutroni – Using Offline and Online data to drive Google Analytics Remarketing

The Google Analytics platform has been changing from a web analytics tool to a user-centric digital measurement tool (we’ve been calling it Universal Analytics). This evolution includes a number of changes to the system and completely new features. But what can … Continue reading

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by Marcus Eagan, Analyst   There is a rising theme in our industry today: if you don’t own your data, you don’t own your destiny. Every data analysis and management strategy should prioritize data ownership. Yet the task of managing and … Continue reading

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